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Product Support

3D Door Sensor

New “smart camera” technology increases the efficiency of your existing door protection system utilizing the latest technology and “time of flight” principles. It’s an easy add-on to existing 2D systems that provides unmatched protection against personal injury and property damage. The self-contained sensor has a 3-foot field of vision, and can distinguish between objects approaching the door or just stationary. Unlike traditional systems, the IMS 100 safely monitors down to 4" before the door closes, providing the most advanced protection. Easily integrates with Adams GateKeeper™ door protection system and most other manufacturer devices. Protect your passengers and property with the IMS 100 3D Door Sensor.


3D Door Sensor Video

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New smart camerať technology increases the efficiency of your existing door protection system


pdf Installation and Operation Manual

pdf Installation Guide

pdf Customer Presentation


Part#A851A & A851B

This revolutionary new system monitors the floor area inside your elevator cab using infrared technology, comparing available space in real time to a reference image. When large items such as wheel chairs, luggage and shopping carts fill the cab without triggering weight capacity sensors, CabVision™ “sees” that the cab is full and switches to “express run,” boosting elevator efficiency and passenger satisfaction.


pdf CabVision™

Printed Circuit Boards

Adams’ PCB Exchange™ provides a credit in exchange for your old repairable board each time you order a replacement.  We place hundreds of boards at your fingertips, for all major OEMs and all major elevator functions.  We can even arrange for your board to be repaired if a PCB is not available.  Your Adams sales rep can tell you more.


KE Terminal Limit Switch

Part# KE4, KE8, KE14

With simple installation and virtually no maintenance, the KE Terminal Limit Switch from Adams is the perfect electronic replacement for obsolete mechanical switches. Its break-through design features magnetic actuators mounted in the elevator shaft for consistent activation without the wear and tear of traditional roller-arm switches. You will experience noiseless operation, improved ride quality and a longer maintenance-free life. The KE Limit Switch is perfect for modernization projects with easy cartop installation and no hoistway rewiring. Click the attachment for more detail and part numbers.


KE limit switch

pdf KE Terminal Limit Switch


LifeJacket® Demo Video

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LifeJacket® is the most cost efficient protection against hydraulic failure.


LifeJacket® Technician's Installation Guide

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LifeJacket® is easy to install and far less expensive than a typical cylinder replacement.


LifeJacket is the hydraulic elevator safety with machined arms that grip a falling plunger if the cylinder or hydraulic pressure fails.  It’s the proactive safety measure recommended for all hydraulic elevators installed before 1980…at a fraction of the cost of replacing a worn or damaged cylinder.  Since as many as half of all failures are not a result of a failed cylinder, LifeJacket is a cost-effective safety system for all hydraulic elevators.  And because LifeJacket’s arms do not damage the plunger, you can return the affected elevator to service as soon as hydro pressure is restored.


pdf Wiring Diagram

pdf Test Procedure

pdf LifeJacket Specifications

pdf Technical Guide

pdf Dimensions

pdf Installation Manual

pdf LifeJacket Survey 1

pdf LifeJacket Survey 2

pdf LifeJacket Survey Otis Cast Head 1

pdf LifeJacket Survey Otis Cast Head 2

      Case reports of recent life-saving incidents

pdf Case Report 1: Falling Car

pdfCase Report 2: Corroded Cylinder

pdfCase Report 3: Burst Piping


Elevator Handrails

Adams Elevator provides the exact look of handrail you want, with the quality you need from Lustre Products Ltd. With more varieties of handrails to choose from, Adams is sure to have the exact style you’re looking for – each with options allowing you to order exactly what you need. We also stand behind the manufacturing quality of every rail we offer. Your Adams sales rep can tell you more. Or, you can view the handrail product index at Lustre Product Ltd.'s website.




SafetyStrip’s soft nylon brushes help prevent escalator entrapments and injuries by gently guiding riders to stand in a safe position away from the sides of the escalator. Now available in a form-on-site design. Includes filler strips and end caps for a clean, professional installation.  Use our convenient survey forms to send us the information we need to manufacture SafetyStrip brushes to fit your escalator.

pdfTechnical Support

pdf SafetyStrip Specifications



MotionGuard offers you an innovative approach to escalator skirt brushes that greatly reduces installation time.  Its 8-ft. sections are flexible enough to bend onsite.  This means that one measurement—comb tip to comb tip—is all that’s required to order.  It’s fully compliant with A17.1 code, packs a high bristle volume, and it’s as attractive and unobtrusive as any brush on the market. 

pdfTechnical Support

pdf MotionGuard Specifications



Adams GateKeeper™ light curtains are easy to install, come with a 5 year warranty, and most importantly, keep your passengers safe! Their unique design maximizes LED life and reduces maintenance, sunlight resistance reduces nuisance malfunctions and call-backs, and the quick-and-easy installation reduces labor costs.

....And get 3D protection by including the GateKeeper™ 3D sensor. The GateKeeper™ 3D retrofits any and all existing 2D door protection systems without removing the existing system, even electro-mechanical safety-edge applications.

Adams offers several GateKeeper™ units to suit a variety of applications. To help choose which unit is right for your installation refer to the GateKeeper™ Product Selector Chart below. Installation manuals are also included below to help answer your technical questions on the GateKeeper™ and the GateKeeper™ 3D sensors.

pdf GateKeeper™ G7

pdf GateKeeper™ G7 Technical Info

pdf GateKeeper™ G7 Installation Manual

pdf GateKeeper™ EZ 24V

pdf GateKeeper™ EZ 24V Installation Manual

pdf GateKeeper™ EZ110V

pdf GateKeeper™ Max

pdf GateKeeper™ Max Technical Info

pdf GateKeeper™ Max Installation Manual

pdf GateKeeper™ 3D

pdf GateKeeper™ 3D Specifications

pdf GateKeeper™ 3D 100

pdf GateKeeper™ Product Selector Chart



Part# A853A3

The HatchLatch® Electronic Door Restrictor keeps elevator doors locked securely between landing zones, preventing passengers from endangering themselves by trying to climb out of a stalled elevator cab.  Kit includes everything you need to protect a 5-story rise.  It’s important to note that HatchLatch® meets A17.1 1996 (and subsequent) Code for door restrictors.

pdf Installation/Service Manual

pdf HatchLatch® Specifications



The Equator



Prevent premature and excessive rope and sheave groove wear with The Equator™ Rope Tensioning System. Unequal tension creates vibration and rope slip, inevitably leading to premature and excessive wear of ropes and sheave grooves. The Equator™ helps prevent these unsafe conditions by ensuring that rope tensions are equal on all hoist ropes, supporting the elevator car and counterweight.

The Equator™ rope tensioning system uses two identical injection molded gauges to compare and ensure the tension in traction lift hoist ropes can be equalized.

The Equator™ system is fast to implement, and the rope tensions measurements are accurate because the gauges are initially calibrated on the same rope.

The robust and lightweight Equator™ gauges are supplied in a briefcase, complete with springs, hook bolts, adjusting spanner and rope locators. No power or data cables are required for operation. The system is designed for use on a range of lift ropes from 1/4" to 3/4".

Order your Equator™ Rope Tensioning System today! Call Adams at 800-929-9247. Or, you can view the Drucegrove product index at Drucegrove’s website.



Emergency Telephones

Adams’ programmable telephones give trapped or injured elevator riders a direct line to a source of help.  Our Phones are powered by phone lines so they stay active if AC power fails.  In-cabinet or surface-mounted models available.

pdf Phones

Programming Instructions

Contact ADAMS directly via phone or email for phone programming instructions.

TOLL FREE: 800-929-9247


Adams Voice®

Adams Voice voice annunciators feature digitized human voice recordings stored on convenient, durable Flash Memory cards.

For elevators:  Informational and emergency messages help keep people moving safely and in the right direction.

For escalators:  Safety messages help keep riders alert to safe riding practices on a moving escalator.

pdf Installation Manual

In order to customize your Adams Voice annunciator, please fill out the below survey:

pdf Job Specific Survey Form

pdf Instructions for Survey


Professional Service Products

Adams' richly-detailed catalog of Professional Service Products features a wide assortment of oils, greases, lubricants, adhesives, and other fluids specially formulated for the elevator industry.

For your safety--and to help you conform to material storage requirements in your area--most of the specialty fluids in the catalog are accompanied by Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Once you purchase any of these oils, cleaners, paints, adhesives, or greases, please select from the list of MSDS below, and print the copies you need.

Brake Oil
Brush Seats
Buffer Oil, ISO 32
Buffer Oil, ISO 68
Chain Oil
Chain/Cable Lube, Aerosol
Commutator Stones
Citrus Cleaner/Degreaser
Citrus Cleaner w/Pumice
Dash Pot Oil
Door Closer Oil
EP Gear Oil, ISO 150
EP Gear Oil, #5
Grease, All-Purpose

Grease, Waterproof
Guide Rail Lube, Aerosol
Handrail Cleaner
Handrail Polish
Hydraulic Oil, ISO 32
Hydraulic Oil, ISO 46
Hydraulic Oil, ISO 68
Liquid Gasket
Light Penetrating Oil
Elec. Motor Oil, ISO 68
Elec. Motor Oil, ISO 100
Elec. Motor Oil, ISO 150
Non-Dripping Oil
Odorless Cleaner

Oil Moisture Remover
Oil Refresher
O-Ring Compound
Paint, Black Aerosol
Paint, Grey Aerosol
Paint, Red Aerosol
Paint, Yellow Aerosol
Rustop Aerosol
Soft Stop Additive
Solvent Cleaner
Wire Rope and Cable Lube
Worm Gear Oil
WTRG, Aerosol


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