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Safe-T-Lock Monitor

New York City has implemented a requirement that prior to January 1, 2020, all elevators be equipped with a system that monitors the door contact circuits and prevents automatic operation when the circuits fail or there is a conflict in the condition of the contacts (such as both Door Fully Closed and Door Fully Open circuits being active). The ADAMS Safe-T-Lock Monitor contains relays that interface with the appropriate circuits (active or not) and a PLC that monitors these signals and determines if there is a failure or a conflict occurs. If one of these conditions occurs the output of the Safe-T-Lock Monitor, which is wired into the safety circuit, opens and prevents further movement of the car. The Safe-T-Lock Monitor can be wired to the signal points in the controller or to the sensors themselves. If a sensor (such as Door Fully Open) is not available, one can be added easily � and you may use a mechanical switch, magnetic reed, photoeye or a proximity sensor that provides a usable signal. Up to 3 additional spare wires may be needed in traveling cable to accommodate additional sensors.

The following signals are inputs to the Safe-T-Lock Monitor:
Car Gate (CGS), Hoistway Door Lock (HDL), Door Fully Open (DFO), Door Fully Closed (DFC)

As well these additional input signals:
Auto/Inspection, Access Mode, Fire Phase 2